About (read this first)

This blog is about our neighborhood, and the many characters that live here.  I write in sarcasm, so if you do not understand sarcasm this blog is not for you.

My neighborhood is a good representation of what is wrong with California, but that is not the central theme.   The theme is the non-stop entertaining stories of why you do not want to live here, and why I love living here.

I will not state the town name, nor give the street address.  I will also not give the real names of my neighbors, except for Kim Smith, only because her name is so common that no one would believe that it is her real name.

I’ve lived here for 9 years, and I work out of my home and I run in this neighborhood every day.   I don’t claim to know everyone well, but I know them more than anyone else in this lost subdivision up on a hill, surrounded by ghost pines and adjacent to the local high school.  I’m a 43 year old family man with low testosterone, and this is my neighborhood.


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