The Neighborhood Support of a Hero

The Neighborhood Support of a Hero

I believe that military personnel that are called to serve overseas are heroes.   They leave behind families that depend on them and learn to cope when they are away.  These families sacrifice as well,  AND are part of the military heroes that I look up to.

I also believe there are many other occupational heroes to, such as police and firemen, forest rangers AND tow truck drivers.   To a lesser degree of military personnel deployed overseas,  these occupations also save lives and make the world a better place for people that are in need and are inconvenienced.  However, for the tow truck driver, not only are the families affected when the driver is deployed  – so is the entire neighborhood that lives on the same street as the tow truck driver.

For the past two years, such a hero lives down the street from us.  Before he moved in, I didn’t realize that these drivers are deployed many many times EVERY night. AND that tow trucks are the loudest type of diesel engines on the planet, AND that they cannot shut off the 160 dB back up beeper as a favor to the neighborhood.

Many nights the driver will come home at 3:05AM, and whisper “I love you” to his girlfriend (or pick up drugs) only to be deployed at 3:07AM on his way to help a person in need (or someone that needs drugs).

So the next time you are in need and call AAA at ungodly hours of the night, remember that the hero tow truck driver that answered the call has woken up his entire family and neighborhood.   If that driver is in a yellow truck, is short, has a Chihuahua, and is missing a few fingers on his right hand, you can also thank my family and my neighborhood for the sleep deprivation we endure EVERY night.